Men in Black III

Summer blockbusters are supposed to be fun. Studios keep telling us that sequels are supposed to be fun (another issue for another time). I’m not a big fan of sequels, but the MIB francise makes me feel nostalgic. The first was funny, believable, but with enough whimsy that we don’t have to sit here yelling about the biological improbabilities. Plus, Will Smith is at his most charming when he’s playing a sassy, yet intelligent fool. The second was meh, but MIB3 returns the francise to the glory days of the first.


  1. To little Tommy Lee Jones. It is undeniable that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith have good onscreen chemistry. They make me want to sit in the back of their car just listening to them talk (or not talk). They are friends. I get why he wasn’t in it for, more then what 20 minutes? 
  2. Josh Brolin playing a 29 year old. Age is nothing (and yet everything) in hollywood. I’m not sure if K was being serious or not when he said he was 29
  3. That one moment when the timeline was off. I forget the words exactly, but there was a moment where I worked it out and it would have set the first movie in 1987, instead of 1997. In my head I screamed THAT ISN’T CANON. 
  4. Will Smith’s character didn’t seem to mature in the 15 years since the first. While he provides many of the laughs, it at times made me feel a bit uncomfortable to watch a grown man act like a stupid 20 year old. 

Good:  Honestly, I went to see it because I wanted popcorn. I was surprised to actually walk out of the theatre liking the plot, and being surprised by the depth of the plot. Sure it was cheesy, and even the graphics were cheesy. But it worked. I admire a movie that knows what it is. It wasn’t trying to be something other than sci-fi light film.

Scene Stealer: Josh Brolin as young Agent K. Brolin won’t win any awards for his portrayal of a character that we’ve already seen twice. Which is a shame because he was that good, Hoss. 

Meh: There wasn’t much to feel meh about.

Rating: MIB >MIB3<MIB2 or less than MIB1, but greater than MIB2. Guilty Pleasure. 

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