The Carrie Diaries/Summer in the City

Occasionally I like to read Young Adult fiction. Every problem seems like a much bigger one when you are a teenager. Being a big fan of HBO’s Sex and the City repeats on tv, and having read Candace Bushnell’s novel of the same name several years ago, when I saw the young Carrie series on the shelves on the library I thought, why not. We all need a little smut sometimes right?


  1. Teenagers in the 80’s smoked. Yes, maybe they didn’t know what we know now about it, but lets not glorify something in a book okay. They were always stealing the cigarettes.
  2. Adult Carrie cares about fashion more than her writing. Writing is just what adult Carrie does. Young Carrie cares about writing more then fashion. These books thus far in the series makes no attempt to explain why or how the switch happened.
It’s mindless, not very much of a conflict in either novels. The whole idea of visiting the origins of such a well know character (basically the TV show version, because if i’m being honest, I don’t particularly care for the Sex and the City novel, and the show fleshed out the character more than Bushnell ever did), and writing in the genre of young adult feels like a money grab. After all, teenagers, have disposable income to spend on this kind of stuff.  

Good: It is easy to read, and it’s not as bad as many other teen novels. 

Verdit:  I don’t understand what teenagers want anymore. If you are over the age of say 19, it probably isn’t worth your time.