Snow White and the Huntsman, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman is Universal Pictures re-telling of the classic fairytale directed by Rupert Sanders. Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Helmsworth fill the roles of Ravenna; the evil Queen, Snow White; the damsel in distress, and the Huntsman; filling in as a metaphorical Prince Charming. 

Many of us probably look to Disney’s 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a reference for the story. In SWATH we learn an beautiful, power seeking witch, moves through various kingdoms hating people for thinking she is only beautiful and not a threat. Ironically, she seems to place all of her self-worth on the fact that she has to remain the most beautiful in the realm.


 Visually a very pretty and elegant movie. The castle on the beach, has a good mix of regal, yet medieval, and hence dirtiness. The black forest is certainly deserving of the name. Props to the troll under the bridge, actually being the bridge. 


  1. Charlize Theron is the fairest of them all. The end. I know some people are set on Kristen Stewart as being so undeniably beautiful. It doesn’t work for me.
  2. Snow White has good muscle tone and skin for someone locked in a tower for years.
  3. Snow White suddenly becomes a warrior. She has not had any battle training. When was the last time she rode a horse, let alone in full (heavy) armour.
  4. The Fairies are creepy. Where did they come from? Why are we suddenly in fairyland? Why is no one being screaming “Why is there a separate land full of fairies”?
  5. If the dwarfs are so hard done by in the real world, why don’t they just always live in the fairyland?
  6. I like my evil with a little more self control. Ravenna yelled a bit to much. I get it, she was super pissed. But a scary witch woman should be able to get people to do what she wants without yelling at them all the time. 

For me, the setting, and visual impact of the film helped me over look some of the plot holes. This will definitely be a great tv movie, CBC and ABC will probably be playing it as a summer movie in a few years. 

Scene Stealer: The Evil Queen’s brother/henchman, Finn. Sam Spruell plays a guy who is sure of his position in the kingdom. His confidence means he gets to be angry creep. 

Meh: The Huntsman. Chris Hemsworth did what he could with a character who was a drunk (because he missed his dead wife), and then suddenly isn’t so sad anymore. I fear he might have been a little to old to play a love intrest of a girl, because that is what Snow White was, a girl.

Please dear god why:  Snow White. Look, you want me to believe Snow White is a bad ass warrior. Sure. I will. You want me to just accept she’s all confident, and doesn’t need to be rescued? Then prove it.  Having Snow White escape from the tower by herself isn’t enough to prove she’s not a damsel in distress. She still looks to the Huntsman for help, she still needs to get the approval of a white stag. Okay, okay, I’ll over look it. 

But you can’t deny that she uses a move her true love taught her (was he even her true love? the idea of true love waking her with a kiss wasn’t mentioned once in the entire movie and yet it happens) to kill the queen. SHE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT HIM —is the message.

And then, at the very end, how uncomfortable does she look at her own coronation. Until she sees him. I’m sorry, but you aren’t a hardcore strong female lead if you need man, with whom you had no chemistry, to validate your self. That’s not what is supposed to make you confident. 

Rating: Summer time TV movie. Name change: Snow White and the man she couldn’t do it without.